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Red Bank High School Graduation Information- Please Read!
Posted On:
Tuesday, May 02, 2017


Graduation is an exciting time for all of us. In order to create a memorable experience for all members of the class, we will follow these protocols.


1. By Wednesday, May 17th, complete the Intent to Participate in Graduation at

2. By Wednesday, May 17th, all obligations to the school must be fulfilled. This includes classwork, financial obligations, and Capstone. 

3. Thursday, May 18th at 9:00 AM. Graduation practice is at Memorial Auditorium. All students MUST attend, this is NOT an option. Failure to attend practice will remove you graduation on Friday. Parking is EXTREMELY limited. Try to carpool. Bring money for parking.

4. Friday, May 19th at 5 PM. Graduation at Memorial Auditorium, All graduates are to report by 4:30 PM to the assembly hall beneath the auditorium.

5.  Dress code is as follows:

·         ALL students will wear appropriate dress shoes. Athletic shoes, sandals, flip-flops, boots are NOT allowed.  Shoes must be a neutral color – black, brown, white, or tan.

·         Gentlemen will wear

o   Dress pants (no shorts) – navy, black, khaki

o   Dress shirt (white or pastel) and tie

·         Ladies will wear

o   Dress that does NOT extend below the graduation gown.

o   White collar that is included with gown. Please have this ready BEFORE you come.  Instructions can be found at

o   Appropriate height shoes. The auditorium is sloped. You will also have to climb two sets of stairs. Avoid unusually high heels. You are advised to bring your shoes to practice.

·         Graduations caps will NOT be decorated.

·         No sunglasses, necklaces, beads, pins, buttons, etc. on the graduation robe.

·         All cords and stoles must be approved in advance by the school.


6.  You will not be able to carry anything in the procession. This includes purses and phones. Please leave these with a family member.

7.  This is a dignified academic program. As you are called onto the stage to receive your diploma, you are not to cheer, wave, skip, dance, or in any other way attempt to single yourself out of a group of 160 students for special recognition. 

8.  Failure to accept these guidelines can result in denial of graduation privileges. Students who behave inappropriately during the graduation ceremony will have their diplomas pulled and will need to schedule a meeting with the principal the following week.


Congratulations!  Finish Strong!

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