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Description of Social Studies Courses 5/24/2013

Social Studies

World Geography
This is an integrated course combining English 9 and World Geography into an interdisciplinary course of study.  Selected works of world literature are studied in the context of place, complementing the units of study in geography.  Literature is explored through classroom study and independent reading.   The five themes of geographic study (location, place, relationships, movement and regions) will be used to examine each world culture region through its geography, government and history, people and customs.  Participation in a summer reading program is required  A credit will be received for English 9 and World Geography.  Students should also register for English 9.

World History
A semester course satisfying graduation requirements.  Students will explore the major civilizations of the past which have laid the foundations for the modern world's society.  Students will have the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills as they confront various historical interpretations and discover causes of present issues.

Honors World History
An elective course offered as a more in-depth study of World History.  Major tests are composed of essay questions.   It is highly recommended to those students who wish to take Advanced Placement American History in their junior year and plan to attend college. This course is approved for Honors points.

U.S. History
A study concentrating on the history of the United States from the Reconstruction to the present.  The six social studies standards of essential content knowledge and four process skills are integrated for instructional purposes.  Students will utilize different methods that historians use to interpret the past, including points of view and historical context.

Advanced Placement European History
A study concentrating on the major trends and events from 1450 to present.  Political, cultural, social, and economic themes will be discussed.  Preparation will be made for the AP examination which includes a combination of essay topics and factual knowledge.  Completion of this course and AP Exam qualifies student for Honors points. 

DEP U.S.History
See Chattanooga State publications for course description.

The study of human behavior in reproducing, distributing and consuming material goods and services.  Theoretical learning is enhanced by the experience of organizing and operating a student company, by computer management and economic stimulation, and by weekly business consultant visits.  One semester.  Students earn .5 credit.

U.S. Government
Designed to explain the rights and responsibilities of the citizen in a democratic society and develop an awareness and concern for the rights and well being of others. Students earn .5 credit.

African-American History

Students will survey the development of African American History from the present time through slavery. Highlights of the course are the studying of the slave trade, the Civil War, and the Civil Rights Movement.

Behavioral science course that examines the way people act, react, and interact with one another in their everyday lives and under extraordinary circumstances.

Designed to focus on the individual as he applies facts and principles on human behavior to better understand himself, his relationship with others, and his future relationship in marriage, family, and society.