Assignments - Spanish I(Archived)
Language survey
Due Date: 8/8/2014
Subject: Spanish I



Studyguide for final
Due Date: 5/9/2014
Subject: Spanish I

Capitulo 1A- Studyguide
Due Date: 1/24/2014
Subject: Spanish I

Create a studyguide (Crea un guia par estudiar) for quiz.

Capitulo 1A-10 frases
Due Date: 1/23/2014
Subject: Spanish I

Escribe 10 frases:

Me gusta....

No me gusta....


Capiltulo 1A vocabulary activity
Due Date: 1/22/2014
Subject: Spanish I

Choose 1 activity to complete:
Write the Spanish terms 3x and 1x in English


Draw image for each term.

Drawing #4-Weather/months/days
Due Date: 1/17/2014
Subject: Spanish I

Draw image for each weather, month, and day term. Label in Spanish.

Drawing #3-Classroom/bodyparts
Due Date: 1/16/2014
Subject: Spanish I

Draw images for classroom and body parts. Label each image in Spanish.

Drawing #2-Telling time
Due Date: 1/15/2014
Subject: Spanish I

Draw 12 clocks. Write the time under the image in Spanish.

Remind 101, Spanish 1
Due Date: 1/13/2014
Subject: Spanish I

Sign in and create an account either for your cell phone( or parent phone). If no cell, please use email.

Class Dojo, Spanish 1
Due Date: 1/10/2014
Subject: Spanish I

Student gives Class Dojo slip to parent, have it signed to be returned, create a login in and download app if possible.

Quizlet 4B study and games
Due Date: 11/14/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Submit quizlet 4B scores to edmodo. I want to see times for the games and other activities.

4B vocabulary art
Due Date: 11/13/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Draw images for 20 of the key vocabulary to represent the words.

jugar+(sport) verb chart
Due Date: 11/11/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Continue making the verb chart, using 3 of the jugar+(sport) form. Due tomorrow.

4A studyguide
Due Date: 11/7/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Study for test tomorrow. Create a studyguide with the grammar or vocabulary you still struggle with.

Submit to edmodo. 

10 things with a friend
Due Date: 11/7/2013
Subject: Spanish I


Sumbit to edmodo.

WRite a list of 10 things you and a friend are going to do by New Year's Eve.

10 things
Due Date: 11/6/2013
Subject: Spanish I


Write a list of 10 things you're going to do by 12-31-13 in Spanish. Submit to edmodo.

4A quiz
Due Date: 11/5/2013
Subject: Spanish I


(for 3rd and 4th block students)



(for 1st block students)

Frases para preguntas
Due Date: 10/31/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Escribe una (1) frase por cada pregunta (pg 184).


Frase para verbo IR
Due Date: 10/30/2013
Subject: Spanish I

https://hcde.edmodo.com/post/172313200 (link to edmodo)
Escribe una (1) frase por cada forma del verbo IR. 

Que debes hacer?
Due Date: 10/14/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Submit to edmodo the answer to the following question: Que debes hacer para mantener la salud? 3-5 sentence answer

pg 169 and pg 141 study
Due Date: 10/10/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Pg 169 sumbit to edmodo

Finish activity pg 141 and study

3A verb quizlet and pg 145 activities
Due Date: 10/9/2013
Subject: Spanish I

1. Go to http://quizlet.com/_cf693 and do practice, game, test. Submit grade to edmodo.

2. Pg 145 activities #3-#5. Submit to edmodo. 


3A quizlet and images
Due Date: 10/8/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Do 3A quizlet. http://quizlet.com/_cf603

Do practice, game, and test. Submit to edmodo.com


Frases con verbos ER y IR pt2
Due Date: 10/4/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Write a new sentence for each verb. Use vocabulary from Unit 3A and B. Submit to edmodo.

Frases con verbos ER y IR
Due Date: 10/3/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Escribe una frase con cada verbo (each verb) comer, escribir, ver, beber, compartir, correr, leer, vivir. Submit to edmodo.

ER IR verb charts
Due Date: 10/2/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Complete verb chart using following verbs: comer, escribir, ver, beber, compartir, correr, leer, vivir

Dibujos de vocabulario 3A & 3B
Due Date: 10/1/2013
Subject: Spanish I

With a long sheet of white paper, fold paper 5 times long ways and 7-9 times. You should have at least 35 squares. In those squares, draw each vocabulary term in those squares and label it in Spanish.

Frases con Estar
Due Date: 9/27/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Escribe una frase para cada forma del verbo ESTAR.

Dibuja una linea debajo del (under) verbo. Usa una palabra nueva (new vocab) para el sujeto (subject). Submit to edmodo.

Dibuja y frases pt 2
Due Date: 9/26/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Dibuja 1st 16 vocab y label en espanol. Escribe una frase por cada uno (for each). Usa verbo estar.

Dibuja de clase y frases
Due Date: 9/25/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Dibuja mi clase. Escribe el vocabulario para los muebles (furniture) y los articulos (items) de la clase. Despues, escribe una frase por cada vocabulario pg 120 "to indicate location."

Pg 97 #4 and finish project
Due Date: 9/24/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Verb chart week 2
Due Date: 9/20/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Each night add a different verb to the chart, it is due the next morning. Remember to conjugate correctly (like pg 84) and to have different colors for each conjugation. DON'T forget the ENGLISH. :)

lunes- practicar


miercoles-montar (to ride)

jueves-tomar (to take)

Rough draft of project
Due Date: 9/20/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Create rough draft of project on a sheet of paper due Monday. It should include the sentences you are going to write and a description of the image you are going to use (draw a square and write picture of a calculator, something like that)

Una carta de tu horario
Due Date: 9/19/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Escribe una carta. Describe tu horario en la escuela. 

(En la primera hora tengo... Es_____.)

4 frases del horario
Due Date: 9/17/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Write 4 sentences about your classes (school schedule) and submit to edmodo.

(La clase de ___ es ____.)

Verb Chart (mirar y necesitar), frases
Due Date: 9/13/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Create a verb chart for mirar and necesitar (like on pg 84).
For each conjugation (6), write a sentence in Spanish. 

Verb Chart (hablar y estudiar), frases
Due Date: 9/12/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Create a verb chart for Hablar and Estudiar (like on pg 84).
For each conjugation (6), write a sentence in Spanish. 

Estudia y frases
Due Date: 9/11/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Los estudiantes estudian para el examen de 1B.

Los estudiantes escriben 10 frases con vocabulario de 1B. (Submit to edmodo)

Pg 71 #3 and #4
Due Date: 9/10/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Students write summary of what they read #3 (in Spanish) and write a short bio for #4. Use any vocab learned up to now. Submit to edmodo.

Pg 67 Presentacion escrita
Due Date: 9/9/2013
Subject: Spanish I

email me @  jkernsRBHS@gmail.com with this assignment

Estudia and frases
Due Date: 9/6/2013
Subject: Spanish I

1. Estudia para examencito.

2. Send me via edmodo la 10 mas importante frases/vocabulario de Capitulo 1B.

Pg 59 #15
Due Date: 9/5/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Write (or type and print) on a blank sheet of paper. Follow instructions.

10 frases con Yo soy
Due Date: 9/4/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Escribe 10 frases "Yo soy...." o "Yo no soy..."


1A- Escenario
Due Date: 8/30/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Crea un escenario con su pareja. (Create a scene with your partner)
Be ready to present in class next day. 

1A- Complete Los gustos project
Due Date: 8/29/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Finish pg 43 Los gustos project. Be ready to present in class (in Spanish).

Skit #1- saludos y gustos
Due Date: 8/23/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Complete AND perfect your partner skit. It will be performed (said) in class on Friday. Your lines (phrases) are expected to be known and words pronounceable.

You will need your class partner's contact information to complete this activity.

Quizlet.com-1A vocabulario
Due Date: 8/22/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Go to quizlet.com and select 1A vocabulary.

Study it by going through notecards, then using two (2) of their practice activities. Finally, choose one (1) game to play. Your game time should be under 45 seconds.

Para Empezar study guide
Due Date: 8/21/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Para Empezar vocabulario pg 22-23

Create a studyguide and submit it via Edmodo.com

Pg 59 #15
Due Date: 8/5/2013
Subject: Spanish I

Write (or type and print) on a blank sheet of paper. Follow instructions.