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Syllabus A&P (ROSEMARY RUSH) 8/11/2016

Red Bank High School

Anatomy & Physiology                                  Email:

Rosemary Rush                                            Room #2300

2nd Block Planning

COURSE Description:

Anatomy and Physiology is an upper level laboratory course that investigates the structures and functions of the human body. This course is for students who wish to pursue a career in biology, medicine, or any of the allied health fields. Topics that are covered in this class include homeostasis, the basic organization of the body, major body systems, metabolism, human development, and the impact of disease on the human body. The human body will be studied at the cellular level as well as the macroscopic level.


Hole’s Human Anatomy & Physiology


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

1.   Explain the relationship between anatomy and physiology.

2.   Understand and correctly use medical terminology as it relates to human anatomy and physiology.

3.   Describe the basic organization of the body.

4.   Explain homeostasis and how it relates to and is maintained by the human body.

5.   Describe the structure and function of different body cells, tissues, and organs.

6.   Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the structures and functions of the organ systems in the human body.

7.   An improved ability to approach question in an orderly manner.

8.   Effective communication through writing and presentation.

9.   Mature, conscientious decision making in a lab setting.


You are expected to be in class, seated and ready to being when the bell rings. You must be sitting in the seat that was assigned to you by the teacher. Failure to be sitting in your assigned seat will make you tardy for the class. You must bring all the necessary materials needed for the lesson with you. You must be attentive, respectful, and participate throughout the lesson.


You will need the following in order to be successful in this class.

a.    1 inch binder with lined paper inside

b.    Pencil and pens

c.    Colored pencils (the 50 count box is best)

d.    1 folder


Items will be graded throughout the semester:

·         Exams 1-2 per unit

·         Quizzes 1-3 per unite

·         Labs – Generally 1 per unit

·         Homework – May not be assigned daily, but multiple times per week

50% - summative (tests, major projects)

30% - teacher summative (quizzes, smaller assignments, lab reports)

20% - homework (small practice assignments, coloring pages)





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