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Links for HW

Student will use this website to submit homework, do basic quizzes, and post questions. Please ask your student for the parent code.


This is an online tutorial site which the students will use to practice specific unit vocabulary. There are 4 practice activities and 2 interactive games for additional practice. I am able to monitor actual student use and their participation with this website will be part of their Hamilton County mandated 40% daily/hw grade.


This site is for additional practice of useful language skills. The students will use this as an additional resource for relevant practice. They will also have the opportunity to chat live with other students around the globe.


Students will use this website for additional practice on core grammar concepts. There is a short tutorial and then the students take a mini quiz and a basic test. Both of these activities are graded and put onto a gradebook.

Language survey

Para empezar pt2-greetings
How to Greet, according to Diana

short video about greetings based on the opinion of Diana, a native Mexican from Mexico D.F.

How to Greet, according to Ali

Short video about greetings, according to native Mexican, Ali

How to Greet, according to Rocio

Short video about greetings, according to Rocio

How to Greet, according to Andres

A short video from Andres about greetings in Colombia

1A- videos and more
1A-Infinitives video

1A- Negatives

1A- tutorial conjugation and infinitive

1A- tutorial affirmative and negative

1A- tutorial Making a sentence negative

1A- tutorial Formation of negative sentences

Studystack 1A

Singular and Plural tutorial

2A-videos and more
AR verb video

Hablar animation

Subject and verb agreement tutorial

Verb tutorial

AR verb tutorial

2B videos and more
Verb estar video

estar animation

Estar tutorial

2B vocab notecards

3A and 3B
Verb comer

Watch and take notes

ER verbs tutorial

Watch and take notes.

Verb compartir

Watch and take notes (notice the 2 differences from comer).

IR verbs tutorial

Watch and take notes.

Me gustan/Me encantan

Watch and take notes.

Pluarl of noun video

Watch and take notes.

Verb ser

Watch and take notes.

4A and 4B videos and more
Verb IR video

Watch and take 4 notes for extra credit.

Animated verb- IR

GramActiva video-Asking questions

Question words with Interrogatives

Asking question video

Question word questions

Forming of yes- no questions

Video for IR+a

Future Ir+a+infinitive

Vamos a+ infinitive tutorial

Video for verb Jugar

Animated verb-jugar

5A and 5B videos and more
GramActiva video:verb tener

Animated verb: TENER

Tutorial: verb TENER

Tutorial: verb TENER QUE

Gramactiva video-VENIR

Animated verb-VENIR

Tutorial verbs-Irregular verbs

Gramactiva video-SER & ESTAR

Animated verbs-SER &ESTAR