Senior Yearbook Informaion
Posted On:
Tuesday, December 05, 2017


Senior Yearbook Information


Senior Panoramic - FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8

You will be called out of class at 9:55. Listen to the dismissal announcement for the location of the picture. Please wear red or blue.


Senior Pictures - DUE MONDAY, DECEMBER 18

If your casual picture was taken by Prestige, make sure you choose the one you want for the yearbook on their website. You will have to contact them for assistance with that. If your casual picture was not taken by Prestige, you must email your chosen picture to me.


SUBJECT LINE: FirstName LastName Senior Picture


Senior Quotes - DUE MONDAY, DECEMBER 18

You must complete the Google Form at the following link:

The quote must be 140 characters or less

Include the source (this doesn't count against the word count)

Nothing inappropriate

YB staff reserves the right to alter or change quotes if the quote is too long or inappropriate

YB staff reserves the right to select a quote if you don't choose one for yourself

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