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Description of P.E./JROTC Courses 5/24/2013


Lifetime Wellness
This course combines concepts from both health and physical education.  Topics covered include nutrition, recreation, team sports, drug awareness, first aid and safety, sexual education, plus goal setting strategies and monitoring of personal fitness levels (aerobic and anaerobic activities).  Classroom and gymnasium schedules will be on alternating weeks.  This course is a ninth-grade level course and required for graduation.  Class fee=$5.

Weight Training--ATH
This course consists of proper lifting techniques, plyo-metrics, flexibility development, form running and the implementation of agility drills designed to enhance athletic performance.  Class fee=$5.

Physical Fitness
This course consists of investigating current trends in nutrition and fitness based evaluations of individual students, assisting in the developmental strategies of lifetime routines in living a healthy lifestyle.  Class fee=$5.

Personal Finance

This course is designed to inform students how individual choices directly influence occupational goals and future earnings potential.  Real world topics covered will include income, money management, spending and credit, as well as saving and investing.  Students will design personal and household budgets; simulate use of checking and saving accounts; demonstrate knowledge of finance, debt, and credit management; and evaluate and understand insurance and taxes. This course will provide a foundational understanding for making informed personal financial decisions.

An introduction to ROTC, and the Military Services (Army), leadership theory, drill and ceremonies, first aid, map reading, techniques of oral communications, marksmanship and safety, rafting and mountaineering.  Uniforms, provided by the department, are worn on average once per week.  This course is a year-long, grants 2 credits, and satisfies the requirement for Lifetime Wellness.

An advanced study of the topics covered in the first year program.  Armed services, college ROTC and service academy opportunities are explained and discussed.  Additional subjects introduced are Foundations for success (written and verbal communication skills), and Service Learning projects.  This course is year-long, grants 2 credits, and along with JROTC I & II satisfies the requirement for Personal Finance and PE.

An upperclassman course which gives the cadets the opportunity to exercise leadership by supervising and instructing underclassmen.  Citizenship and American History are covered in depth in conjunction with the class projects and the service learning project, which consists of numerous small group projects, combines and culminates in the final service learning project. Cadets are given instructions for senior ROTC program tuition scholarships. This course is year-long, grants 2 credits, and along with credits in JROTC I, II, III & IV satisfies the requirement of U.S. Government.


An advanced course focusing on psychology of leadership, command and management challenges, interpersonal communications and leading/planning and completing the numerous cadet battalion functions to include the annual formal inspection.  Small unit leadership challenges, Teaching skills, Career planning, Financial Planning, Environmental awareness, and Advanced Citizenship are covered in leadership labs, seminars and practical exercises.  This course is year-long and grants 2 credits.