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Description of Foreign Language Courses 5/24/2013

Foreign Language

Spanish I

This class is an introductory Spanish class. Students will acquire vocabulary and grammar to enable them to participate in basic conversations in the target language. Students will also learn about the culture of Spanish speaking peoples in different countries. Speaking, listening, reading, writing skills will be used to enhance learning. There is no prerequisite for Spanish I.

Spanish II

This class is a continuation of Span I. Students will acquire more vocabulary. In addition students will be introduced to more grammatical structures and improve their conversational, reading and writing skills. Students will also increase their knowledge of the culture of Spanish speaking peoples.  Prerequisite for Span 2 is the successful completion of Spanish 1.

Honors Spanish II

This course emphasizes advanced grammar, vocabulary and conversation. The course puts an equal emphasis on all areas of the target language including oral fluency, listening comprehension, reading, writing skills. Additionally, students will gain an appreciation and understanding of Spanish culture and people. 

DEP Spanish

This course follows the description on the Chattanooga State web site.  Tuition and fees are payable to Chattanooga State.  Students may qualify for the Dual Enrollment Grant to cover partial expenses.  This course qualifies for Honors points.  Prerequisite:  Spanish 1.